F. Douglas Shields, Jr. Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE

River Restoration  

Doug Shields is an international leader in river restoration research and practice. Areas of special interest include backwater management, riparian and floodplain vegetation, large wood, effects of vegetation on levee reliability, and river training structures. He continues to be involved in cooperative research on the Lower Mississippi River ecosystem.

Environmentally Sensitive Erosion Control  

 Doug Shields has been involved in research studies of stream bank erosion and in development of stream bed and bank erosion control measures since the early 1980s.  His interests focus on developing quantitative design guidelines for using plant materials to simultaneously control erosion and benefit aquatic and riparian habitat quality.  Working with Salix Applied Earthcare, Redding, CA, he developed the Greenbank advisor system for selecting appropriate erosion control measures.  Greenbank was developed under a more comprehensive effort to develop design guidelines. This effort was recently continued and findings were extended by Shields and a team led by Ayres Associates, Fort Collins, CO.

Stream Management  

Shields has authored or co-authored several sources of stream restoration design guidance including a textbook, the Federal Interagency guidance document, the USDA-NRCS Stream Restoration Design Guide, and ASCE Manual 110. He has published numerous papers on stream restoration planning, design, and assessment.  He has designed and directed construction of experimental stream restoration projects targeted at aquatic habitat recovery and participated in laboratory research dealing with hydraulic effects of large wood and stone habitat structures.