2018. Provided technical review of  the Integrated Draft Feasibility & Environmental Impact Statement for the Pearl River Basin Federal Flood Risk Management Project, Hinds and Rankin Counties, MS for the Gulf Restoration Network, Madison, MS.

2018. Developed design tool for performing hydrologic, hydraulic and structural analyses to support design of beaver dam analogues in collaboration with the National Marine Fisheries Service of NOAA and Fiori Geosciences. Design tool was in the form of a macro-enabled Excel® File. A draft user’s guide was developed as well. Project now paused due to funding.

2016 and 2009. Expert review of Platte River Recovery Implementation Program  products dealing with project effects on habitats. The Platte River study reach has metamorphosed from a wide, braided system to a somewhat simpler and smaller river typified by vegetated islands and anastomosing reaches interspersed among braided reaches.  The recovery program is designed to manage the river to recover some of the habitat values of the older regime.           

2015. Invited to serve on the National Science Advisory Team for Flood Control 2.0, an initiative led by the San Francisco Estuary Institute focused on restoring tidal marshes around the perimeter of the San Francisco Bay to meet ecological and flood control objectives. 

2013 -- 2016. Subconsultant to Ayres Associates. Evaluation and Assessment of Environmentally Sensitive Stream Bank Protection Measures, funded by National Cooperative Highway Research Program of the Transportation Research Board. This project will produce guidelines for environmentally sensitive stream bank stabilization and protection measures. The project includes assessment of existing field sites and prototype-scale laboratory testing of biotechnical engineering treatments at Colorado State University.

2012 -- present. cbec eco engineering, West Sacramento, California.

Review and consultation in support of the West Sacramento Flood Control Agency for the baseline 200-year Flood Program (Flood Program) being developed in order to comply with state-mandated Urban Level of Flood Protection (ULOP) requirements. Specifically, work involved levee erosion problem identification and alternatives analysis.

Review and consultation for hydrodynamic and geomorphic assessment and ecological design services to the Southport Sacramento River Early Implementation Project—a six mile-long levee setback and floodplain restoration project in an urban setting.

Consultant to California Levee Vegetation Research Program. Providing expert review, advice and synthesis of recent research results for scientific investigations regarding effect of woody vegetation on and adjacent to earthen flood control river levees on levee reliability. In 2019, I prepared an addendum to my 2016 research synthesis report to include recently completed research by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley. The draft addendum is currently undergoing agency review.

Development of guidance and training to support California Department of Transportation compliance with hydromodification requirements of the NPDES permit, specifically sections requiring rapid stability assessments of stream crossings and associated channel reaches potentially impacted by addition of impervious area.

Swift Slough Restoration and Feasibility Design and Alternative Analysis for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Tallahassee, Florida. Assessment of flows of water and sediment in main channel and associated backwater sloughs in a complex, ecologically sensitive reach of the Apalachicola River as it responds to cessation of navigation channel dredging.

2012  2015.  Subconsultant to ICF International, Fairfax, Virginia.  Preparation of  guidance for engineered logjam and wood placement in river restoration for nationwide application. Sponsored by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Corps of Engineers. 

2012  2016.  California Land Stewardship Institute.  Russian River Independent Science Review Panel.  This interdisciplinary expert panel supplied scientific leadership, evaluated data, identified needed studies, developed conceptual models for physical and ecological processes, and reviewed water management efforts in the Russian River watershed. A final report from the project can be found by clicking here

2008 – present. Expert review panel, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency and California Levee Vegetation Science Team. Review of comprehensive effort to assess effects of trees and tree removal on earthen flood control levees. 

2008. Subconsultant to Taylor Engineering, Jacksonville, Florida. Geomorphic analysis to support planning for Amite River restoration project, Louisiana.

2007. Subconsultant to Volkert and Associates, Mobile, Alabama. Design of Miller Creek restoration project. 

2006. Subconsultant to Nickens and Associates, assessment of performance of biotechnical stabilization of Hasotino cultural resources site, Snake River, Washington.

20042005. Subconsultant to Nickens and Associates, development of channel stabilization plan for Kinishba Wash at Kinishba Ruins, Arizona.

20012003. Subconsultant to Salix Applied Earthcare,Redding, California. Contract with National Cooperative Highway Research Program to develop guidance for use of environmentally sensitive channel- and bank protection measures. Shields developed software to advise users on selecting appropriate erosion control measures for a given site.

20002001. Subconsultant to Interfluve, Inc.on Menominee River Watershed Assessment. Identification of environmental enhancement opportunities for an urban river corridor.

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